Treatment and Disposal Strategies

Treatment of hazardous wastes intends to produce a reduced impact on the environment with the responsible management of a company’s hazardous materials. The waste stream will reveal the best treatment options and strategies for cost-effective and safe methods of disposal. The method a company selects will be included in industrial discharge permits and regulatory submittals, so it is advisable to get it right the first time.

ARC Enterprises has been increasingly involved with recommending lower risk alternatives to especially hazardous chemicals involved in industrial processes.

 Neutralization of an acidic or alkaline waste must be evaluated for using the most appropriate and least toxic materials to treat the waste.

 Inactivation of wastes should be evaluated for heat inactivation, chemical inactivation, or filtration should be evaluated for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

 Is recycling of spent materials an option for your company? More options for recycling metals, plastics, and some food processing solids are available in today’s world, while traditional methods may wind up being costly and inefficient.

 Contact ARC Enterprises about your process and identify how you can manage challenging waste streams and for help with treatment and disposal methods.

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