Office Ergonomics

Millions of people work with computers every day. This may appear to be a low risk activity when viewed from a total body perspective, yet maintaining awkward postures or performing repetitive tasks for extended periods can lead to musculoskeletal problems. Office ergonomics addresses the potential risk factors from repetitive movements associated with working at a computer.

ARC Enterprises has many years of experience conducting ergonomic evaluations and working with clients, as well vendors, to help identify the appropriate accessories and materials to resolve workstation concerns. We also help clients with developing ergonomic programs thatcoordinate injury reporting with:

  • Workstation evaluations.
  • Developing ergonomic injury prevention programs
  • Training

Even when the design of the workstation is correct, and environmental factors are at their best, users can still face risk factors. The variables in correcting these risk factors are seemingly straightforward, yet there are a number of considerations in the context of aligning employee workstations with preventing injuries to employees. These considerations include the following.

  • Evaluate the workplace for common risk factors to multiple workstations
  • Addressing employee complaints of pain or discomfort. In California this is a required component of a company’s Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
  • Evaluate workstations when employees express health-related concerns
  • Identify the best methods for correcting employee complaints and…
  • Identify the best materials to resolve workstation deficiencies established from evaluations
  • Train employees in recognizing the risk factors and in your company’s ergonomic program

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