New Stationary Sources

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is responsible for regulating sources of air pollution within the nine Bay Area counties. Among the most common permits required of businesses are stationary sources of air pollution, such as stand-by generators, which as a whole do not produce significant emissions to qualify as a point source, but collectively contribute to the production of regulated air pollutants.

As part of the support in permitting facilities ARC Enterprises submits permits for both existing and new stationary sources, such as those described above. New facilities that are constructing a new point source will need to submit an original permit application, while existing sources can frequently be transferred from the previous operator or occupant to the new one.

Contact us to help you with your facility permitting needs when moving or when opening a new location. We believe that reducing the time spent on these efforts helps relieve employees of the burden of becoming familiar with the process and come up to speed. With this knowledge, and understanding of the regulations and permit process, ARC Enterprises can streamline often times cumbersome regulations, and can bring your permits up-to-date by the time you occupy a new facility.

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