Injury and Illness Prevention

Employers in California with 10 or more employees are required to develop an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) as a formal program that addresses prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses, which embraces the philosophy of managing workplace safety and preventing harm to employees .

Complying with the OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Standard (Title 8 CCR § 3203) does not ensure a safe workplace without the mechanisms and the incentives in place to make for a safer workplace. Compliance does not equal safety! Therefore employers often have to balance safety management with production schedules and operational priorities, which is where professional guidance helps. With many years of experience successfully building, developing, and evolving excellent programs, ARC Enterprises works with each client to tailor the safety program to fit the organization’s culture and streamline the program to achieve reduced injuries and liabilities. Most importantly, we provide the tools with which clients can manage the programs on their own, if preferred. In some cases, we provide a physical presence on-site to administer the program until which time it can be easily incorporated into the organization’s operations.

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