Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene is defined as the science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace conditions that may cause workers’ injury or illness. By using environmental monitoring and analytical methods to detect and quantify worker exposures to hazardous materials, methods can then be established to control potential workplace hazards.

 Whether controlling worker exposures to hazardous materials or to hazardous conditions in the workplace industrial hygiene provides a scientific foundation to Environmental Health and Safety that asserts a procedural approach to controlling workplace hazards,

 Industrial hygiene endeavors to identify potential exposures, problem tasks, and risks as part of the initial assessment, and then evaluates or analyzes the hazards of contaminants, or physical hazards, and recommends methods for controlling and reducing the impact of the hazards once characterized. Subsequent to resolving workplace hazards, ARC Enterprises also works with clients in developing methods and long-term solutions to prevent potential future exposures. If need be, ARC Enterprises has a team of experts available to aid customers with specialized expertise within the field of industrial hygiene.

 ARC Enterprises industrial hygiene services include:

  • Measuring airborne contaminants
  • Sampling for biologically hazardous agents such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and other living organisms
  • Monitoring occupational noise levels
  • Ergonomic evaluations – specializing in laboratory and office ergonomics
  • Safety and health management in the workplace

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