Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste constitutes a large part of an Environmental, Health, and Safety budget and is a major component to most EH&S programs. Hazardous waste rules and laws can be complex due to the numerous regulatory bodies, each of which establishes different sets of waste rules. Different waste-producing operations and activities demand that the waste program be developed specific to each company. With over 20 years of experience in managing hazardous chemical, biohazardous/ biomedical, radioactive, and solid wastes, ARC Enterprises has the expertise to advise on streamlining operations, and in many cases, finding the most economical methods to dispose of your hazardous waste.

Ways in which ARC Enterprises can help:

• Develop Generator Hazardous Waste Handling Guidelines – Using graphic pictures of collection drums, vessels, and procedures that comply with waste rules.

• Submit regulatory filings for hazardous waste generators
o EPA numbers
o Biennial reports
o Hazardous Materials Management Plans

• Employee Training – Waste Generator training is required of all employees generating hazardous waste. Training serves to meets EPA requirements and address internal procedures.

• Hazardous Waste Characterization – Conduct waste audits to identify regulated waste streams and advise on potential disposal options for each one
• Vendor/ Contractor Oversight – Work with your company’s vendor(s) to find the most practical and economic collection and disposal methods

• Provide waste labels for Satellite Accumulation Area containers

ARC Enterprises makes sure your company is in compliance and manages waste in a manner that is safe. We can help whether setting up new programs to meet your space and operational requirements, or to help revise and refine existing waste handling operations to reduce costs.

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