Hazardous Waste Characterization

Many workplaces, especially research facilities, generate and store a wide variety of chemical formulations, some of which are hazardous materials and some that are not regulated. ARC Enterprises helps clients to characterize waste streams for proper disposition. The generator is ultimately responsible for managing waste correctly, so regardless of the reasons for characterizing your waste streams, we can provide an objective assessment and reduce costs from properly characterizing the waste.

 This service is often requested by companies that are consolidating wastes and minimizing costs prior to a facility move or when closing a facility. Waste characterization may also be used to identify if a waste stream is in fact hazardous or to discern biological waste from chemical. Because many waste streams have more than one method of disposal and destruction, waste characterization also helps identify the best or most appropriate disposal methods and treatments, as well as best management practices during generation and accumulation.

 With over 20 years of managing hazardous waste programs for small to large facilities, ARC Enterprises has a solid background in waste management and regulatory compliance and has helped many companies with strengthening their programs. Waste characterization requires knowledge of the regulations and intends to reduce regulatory liabilities from local enforcement agencies.

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