Hazardous Materials Business Plans

The Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) is a California requirement of the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). This requirement applies to companies who generate hazardous waste under an EPA identification number and who store any hazardous materials in excess of 500 pounds of solids, 55 gallons of liquids, and 200 cubic feet of gas.

Starting in 2013, the State started requiring HMBP to be submitted electronically to the CERS web portal run by the DTSC and authorized by the local enforcement agency, referred to as the California Unified Program Agency (CUPA). ARC Enterprises has facilitated dozens of HMBP submittals, and has accounts in the State database to help your company with the annual submittal.

Working with site-specific information, the submittal process is streamlined for ease of use and for quick approval by the local agency. ARC Enterprises also serves as your liaison with the local regulatory agencies that administers the program, by being available for agency inspections. It always helps to have a representative who speaks the same language as the inspectors, and who knows the rules in order to defend your practices.  

 ARC Enterprises also can help with other hazardous materials permit applications, such as tiered waste permits, Carcinogen Report Forms, Air District permits, and wastewater discharge and treatment permits.

 Contact ARC Enterprises with any questions regarding your permitting needs!

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