Industrial Lift Trucks

Industrial lift trucks include forklifts, narrow aisle trucks, motorized hand trucks, rough terrain vehicles and other related vehicles and materials handling tools. Counterbalanced forklifts are extensively used in materials management and warehousing operations, and are implicated in the vast majority of incidents.

OSHA regulations address a number of operating and maintenance requirements for lift trucks, and at the heart of these requirements is operator training. Operator training includes observations of employee competency and imparting an understanding of the operating principles behind the operation.

Every year thousands of injuries and property damage accidents occur from the use of lift trucks and the following table indicates the percentage of injuries from the main risk factors from close to 20,000 reported injuries.

Type of Incident Total Victims (%)
Forklift overturns 22
Worker on foot struck by forklift 20
Victim crushed by forklift 16
Fall from forklift 9

The number of injuries does not reflect incidents where property is damaged from forklifts. Thus a little bit of effort in training and in maintaining lift trucks goes a long way in preventing injuries and in reducing the costs of destructive accidents.

ARC Enterprises has certified forklift safety trainers available and can help your company comply with OSHA and make for a good and safe program. Call us today for a quote or for a free evaluation of your existing program.

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