Exposure Monitoring

A core element to the practice of Industrial Hygiene is the evaluation and assessment of risks in the workplace. A large component to this is monitoring employee exposure to contaminants present in the work environment, which is often central to an industrial hygienist’s job. As shown on the page Industrial Hygiene Services, ARC Enterprises provides exposure monitoring for hazardous chemicals, biological hazards, and occupational noise. If necessary, collaborators and specialists with expertise in specific disciplines will be included to ensure that employee exposure monitoring is done at the highest levels of accuracy and to represent actual conditions in the workplace.

Exposure monitoring for hazardous chemicals follows established protocols for sample collection and for analysis quantifying the concentrations of the collected samples. Sample collection is conducted to represent the actual exposure as closely as possible the to employees. Airborne chemical hazards exist as mists, vapors, gases, fumes, dust, or mists, and collecting chemical contaminants with air sample pumps or other tools and equipment is dependent on the contaminants of concern. Analysis is performed by licensed laboratories and evaluated against toxicological data and OSHA permissible exposure limits.

ARC Enterprises has over 20 years of experience with chemical safety and exposure monitoring and utilizes best management practices to advise clients in resolving and remediating risks to employees, should sampling reveal a potential risk. This provides the employer with advice on the best methods for protecting employee health and safety. Working with employers and using their knowledge of the workplace results in developing an action plan for reducing risk to employees and the business.

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