Emergency Response Plans

Emergency response plans are developed for a number of reasons, the most important being to provide for the safety and welfare of employees should an emergency occur. Natural disasters, fires, and other incidents can occur under a host of scenarios, and employees appreciate even simple procedures. From office buildings to industrial settings, EVERYBODY cares about safety, regardless of the type of work setting. With experience working on hazardous materials emergency response teams, ARC Enterprises is uniquely qualified to help our company.

ARC Enterprises recognizes that every employer has different needs for such a program, and works with each client to develop emergency response procedures specific to the setting. Services include:

  • Corporate Emergency Planning
  • Training on an existing plan
  • Developing and training internal Emergency Response Teams

Employers are required under several sets of rules and regulations to adopt emergency plans. Examples include the following:

  • OSHA requires a Fire Safety plan
  • EPA requires a Contingency Plan for facilities generating hazardous materials and hazardous wastes
  • Emergency procedures are also required in a company’s Hazardous Materials Business Plan
  • The Uniform Fire Code requires an annual evacuation drill for businesses among other requirements related to operators and managers of facilities and buildings

Consider the following questions. ARC Enterprises can help.

  1. Do employees know the evacuation routes from the building?
  2. Do your employees know where to assemble during an evacuation?
  3. Do you know if the fire alarm system covers all work areas?
  4. If the alarm system does not cover all work areas, how do you inform employees of an evacuation in progress.
  5. What is the plan for a major earthquake?

We’re just a phone call away, whether you need to keep it simple or enhance a more elaborate plan.

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