Chemical Safety

Hazardous chemical handling and storage presents some of the greatest risks in an occupational setting. In fact, most incidents involving hazardous chemicals are a direct result of a lapse in safe management of the materials. Whether you have tank farms, drum storage facilities, or labs full of hazardous chemicals, ARC enterprises can help.

ARC Enterprises is uniquely qualified to help companies establish proactive safety measures based on experience from working in large and small work settings. With a strong background in chemical toxicology we can provide a valuable resource into the logistics and practicality of managing hazardous chemicals. Development of these are often the driving force behind employees adopting appropriate safe handling practices.

Simply complying with OSHA regulations may not be enough to protect your employees and your business from an unfortunate event. Reduce your risk by integrating all applicable requirements with safe handling procedures and practices developed just for your needs to ensure a safer work environment.

Some of the basic components to chemical safety include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Proper Storage of Hazardous Chemicals
  • Safe Handling Practices and Procedures
  • Chemical Safety Training
  • Safe and Compliant Disposal Practices
  • Identify and Develop Control and Containment Solutions

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